Factors Of App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of enhancing the app visibility within the app stores and advancing app conversion sites. The major app stores are Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. Furthermore ranking high in the app store search results, ASO also concentrates on click-through rates (CTR). it means you need to convince people to click into your app store listing once they find it. 

The superior your app rank in an app store’s search results, the more seeable it is to potential clients. You can do ASO by optimizing your App Title, App Icon, App Name, App rating, and App Screenshot. The ASO services procedure also needs an important understanding of your target clients base, including the keywords your potential customers are using to find apps like yours.

ASO Factors To Pay Attention To Include:

Below are some App store optimization factors on which you should pay more focus.

  1. App name and title
  2. Keywords
  3. Description
  4. Subtitle
  5. Total number of downloads
  6. Ratings and reviews

Why Is ASO Important?

In accordance to Google, 40% of apps are founded through app store searches. This makes a search in the app store the widest used strategy for finding and downloading new apps. With millions of apps in every app store competing to rank above one another. The truth is that most publishers are not financing in app store optimization.

ASO is your hidden weapon. When you spend some time every week on improving your ASO, It will definitely affect your app’s ranking and overall success.

Main App Store Optimization Factors

These are the main factor that has a great impact on where your app ranks, so pay more focus to these factors.

App Name/Title:

The keyword placed in the title must be the one with the biggest search traffic. You have to spend a little time researching which keyword that is because changing your title also can be dangerous. As your app starts to gain more reviews and rank higher, your app’s news will start to spread by spoken words. Changing the title can make it challenging for words to advertise your app.


To enhance your search running, you need to know which keywords are suitable and used most frequently by your marked audience. It is helpful to scan competitors to recognize how you compare week to week.

Title and keywords are the most important ASO factors and they can be modified smoothly. So you will need to optimize them on daily basis.

What are the benefits of App Store Optimization?

Now you know that many users find apps by searching them in the app store. Because of that ASO is necessary if you want to get your app in front of respectable users. In point of fact,  a lot of people claim that optimizing your app is the most useful marketing approach for games and mobile apps.

Here is how you can get benefits from ASO:

  • Stand out in the App Stores and Improve Visibility 
  • Always get founded by high-quality and appropriate Users
  • Advance Organic App Downloads in an Endurable Path
  • Cut User Investment Costs and Get Continued Development
  • Boost Conversion Rates and App Revenue