Web Development and Design

An umbrella term that is used for the development of different websites is known as Web Development and Design. As the name shows that it has two different types of functions one of which is Web Development it deals with creating all the functioning and processes of the website that how it works and how it can be used by the visitors. But the other one is Web Design that deals with the designing of the whole website.

It includes the coloring selected for the website and the looks that attract the attention of the visitor. And this is designed for the visitors to feel attraction in the web pages so that they can spend most of the time on your website, which is very good for your website. There are a number of companies that deal with providing the best website development and design services.

Role of Web Designer 

A Web Designer designs a website for you and these are some important roles of designer that he plays while designing your website:

  1. A designer must keep in mind the type of branding of the website, the colors according to the type of brand or business, readability, and typography.  
  2. He must know the usage of some important tools for designing the website as Adobe photoshop, Framer, Canva, and Sketch for the final layout of the website.
  3. He must be updated with the latest trends and requirements of google and must also analyze the competitors for improving his own work.
  4. He must keep consistency while designing the website and must make it familiar with the giants like Facebook and Google. Because users also like this as it has been passed over the user’s eyes.

Role of Web Developer 

There is a very important role played by the web developer while creating a website for your brand or any other business to launch on the internet. There are two main categories of web developers:

  1. Front-End Web Developers ( Must be expert in CSS, JS, and HTML )
  2. Back-End Web Developers ( Must be expert in SQL or MySQL, PHP/ASP )

A web developer plays the following main and important roles while creating a website for your brand or any type of business to launch on social networking platforms:

  1. He creates an actual interface for the users or audience to interact with the website. Thi task is performed by the front-end developers by exploring HTML, JS, and CSS languages.
  2. The backbone of the website is created by the back-end developers by exploring PHP and MySQL languages.
  3. Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) is explored by both the front-end developers as well as by back-end developers to create and design the desired website. 
  4. A versioning tool is used by web developers to save a history of all the previously developed websites. It is helpful for them to move to the previous task ‘’ unbroken’’ version which is done by them but needs also in the present task to build a website.
  5. A markup design is provided by the front end developers to the back end developers for implementation of the dynamic website and for the submission of all the data 
  6. That is required by the server and database.